Black Limelight Design +
Black Limelight Design +
Black Limelight Design +

Introducing Black Limelight, an innovative design service with remarkable chameleon-like propensities.

Playful, passionate and occasionally provocative, our imagery beguiles, charms and cajoles whilst delivering powerful underlying messages which speak volumes about our clients.

Through an equal measure of consultation and intuition, we capture and crystallise the essentials to boost sales and revitalise existing brands. At the other end of the scale, we'll work closely with a fledgling business to establish a strong identity, and adapt it consistently to the market's changing demands.

With approachable, friendly service and surprisingly affordable rates, it's our singular character which will attract you. Allow us the scope to creatively enhance your character, and you'll never go anywhere else!

Simply email to discuss your requirements, or ask us for a fast, efficient quote on design or print.

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116 Russell Road, Forest Fields
Nottingham, NG7 6G7
T: 0115 978 3751   M: 0785 323 5632